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The Princeton Co-op
The Princeton Cooperative Association Inc..jpg
General information
TypeHousing Cooperative
Location1726 15th Ave
Seattle, Washington, United States
Coordinates47°37′02″N 122°18′45″W / 47.617271°N 122.312364°W / 47.617271; -122.312364 (The Princeton Co-op)Coordinates: 47°37′02″N 122°18′45″W / 47.617271°N 122.312364°W / 47.617271; -122.312364 (The Princeton Co-op),
Construction startedSeptember 9, 1906
OwnerThe Princeton Cooperative Association Inc.
Technical details
Floor count3

The Princeton Cooperative is a housing cooperative located on Capitol Hill, Seattle, Washington. It was built in 1906 and was converted to a co-op in 1948. [1] It has 25 member-owned units and one unit owned by the corporation that is an amenity rental. There are three floors with eight units per floor. One unit is located in the basement as is communal storage and laundry facilities. The co-op is equipped with Wave G fiber internet service.


The building is owned by a non-profit corporation of which the residents of the building are member owners. The co-op is run cooperatively by the members via the Board of Directors that meets monthly to manage the co-op's business.[2]


Any individual may become a member of the co-op after approval by a majority of the Board after being interviewed and submitted to a background check. The Board of Directors considers whether individuals are qualified and have a comparable community interest with current members of the co-op.

Cleaning duties and basic maintenance are performed by volunteers and service providers.


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