Pritom Ahmed

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Pritom Ahmed
Birth name Pritom Ahmed
Also known as Pritom
Origin Dhaka, Bangladesh
Occupation(s) Record producer, singer, musician
Instruments Keyboards, Guitar
Years active 1999–present
Labels Laser Vision, CMV

Pritom Ahmed , is a young Bangladeshi singer, songwriter, and music composer.[1] In Bangladesh he is the only singer with nine solo albums of his own composition.[2] His music focuses on religious equality, class stratification, contemporary urban life, socio-economic, political domination, 2013 Shahbag protests and ruling of Bangladesh.[3]


Mixed album[edit]

  • Jiboner joto chawa, 1999
  • Onamika tumi, 1999
  • Dour, 2004

Video album[edit]

  • Cholo palai, 2004
  • Balika, 2006

Solo album[edit]

  • Dui Inchee Shukh Chai, 2002
  • Cholo Palai, 2004
  • Bhalobashar Michile Esho, 2006
  • Hello Bondhu, 2006
  • Slogaan, 2007
  • Tui Ki Amar Bondhu Hobi, 2008
  • Street Singer, 2009
  • Bhalo Theko, 2014
  • Shahbag Calling Abar Ekattor


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