Progeny (film)

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Progeny (film).jpg
Directed byBrian Yuzna
Produced byJack F. Murphy
Henry Seggerman
Written byAubrey Solomon
Stuart Gordon
StarringArnold Vosloo
Jillian McWhirter
Brad Dourif
Susanne Wright
Distributed byProgeny Films Inc.
Release date
  • March 30, 1999 (1999-03-30)
Running time
98 min.
CountryUnited States
Budget$2,500,000 (estimated)

Progeny is a 1999 American science fiction film.[1] It was directed by Brian Yuzna and written by Aubrey Solomon and Stuart Gordon. The film stars Arnold Vosloo as Dr. Craig Burton, Jillian McWhirter as Sherry Burton, Brad Dourif as Dr. Bert Clavell and Lindsay Crouse as Dr. Susan Lamarche.


Sherry (Jillian McWhirter), a professional woman, happily discovers she is pregnant. While this is happy news for her and her doctor husband (Arnold Vosloo), both begin having strange memories from the night of conception. Uneasiness then becomes terror when both are convinced that she is carrying something alien inside her body. Sherry's therapist Dr. Susan Lamarche (Lindsay Crouse) believes that Sherry has a psychological problem, of which Craig is to blame.

The couple contact a UFO/Paranormal college professor (Brad Dourif), who, through the use of hypnosis takes Sherry back to the night she conceived.

They discover that she was abducted by aliens and artificially impregnated. The viewer is shown this sequence several times, with each time showing that Sherry blocked or distorted certain parts of the event in an attempt to accept and understand what was being done to her.



Brian Yuzna nominated at the 1998 International Fantasy Film Award, Porto, Portugal.


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