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Proginet Corporation
Public (OTCBB: PRGF)
Industry Enterprise Software
Founded 1986 New York City (as Teleprocessing Connection Inc.)
Headquarters Garden City, New York
Products CyberFusion Integration Suite
Slingshot Appliance
Edge Server
Harbor File Transfer
Network Storage Manager
Revenue US $8.5M(2006)

Proginet Corporation, which was acquired by Tibco Software in 2010,[1] was a systems management software company. It is best known for having developed a breakthrough product in the late 1980s called XCOM, which allowed companies to manage the process of moving bulk data between 26 different computer operating systems. In the early 1990s, the company's rights in XCOM were sold to its distributor, which was itself later acquired by CA-Inc. XCOM went on to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in sales for CA-Inc. After the sale of its only product, the company secured equity stakes from Microsoft and Novell, and began the development of enterprise managed file transfer products across many major computing platforms including Windows, UNIX, Linux, AS/400 and the mainframe. The company has been in business since 1986. Proginet's products include CyberFusion Integration Suite, Slingshot, Edge Server, Harbor NSM and HFT, and the Rocketstream software suite. Proginet's global customer base spans more than 23 countries and includes many Fortune 500 companies. The company is headquartered in Garden City, New York, has offices in Toronto, Canada, and has been publicly traded under the symbol OTCBB: PRGF. On June 22, 2010 the company announced that it is to be acquired by TIBCO Corporation for $23 million.[2]


CyberFusion Integration Suite (CFI) is a managed file transfer (MFT)solution that provides a single point of control for all file transfer activity inside and outside the extended enterprise. A multi-platform solution that serves the mainframe world and all major distributed platforms,[3] CFI enables file transfer security, and integrates with a range of B2B applications in support of true end-to-end processing. It also allows email attachments to be handled without going through the email server.[4]

Slingshot is an enterprise solution that helps solve e-mail attachment problems.

AnyFileNow is a robust yet affordable SaaS/Cloud file transfer solution.

RocketStream is a file transfer acceleration solution.

Edge Server is an appliance-based proxy server that provides a secure gateway for bi-directional communications between enterprise file transfer systems and external business partners and systems.

Commerce Server CFI Commerce Server is a fully featured EDI integration solution for B2B data exchange, enabling full enterprise integration for a range of vertical industries including healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and financial services.

Harbor File Transfer (HFT) is a high-speed managed file transfer solution for intra-enterprise data movement.

Harbor Network Storage Manager (NSM) is a backup and recovery solution.

History & Timeline[edit]

1986 - Company Founded (as Teleprocessing Connection Inc.)

1987 - Developed and introduced XCOM

1991 - Sold XCOM to Spectrum Concepts (itself later acquired by Computer Associates)

1991 - Changed company name to "Proginet Corporation"

1994 - Novell takes Equity Stake in Proginet, company acquires IND$File Plus and Network Navigator from Novell

1995 - Developed and introduced Fusion FTMS

1995 - Completed IPO

1996 - Acquired KnowledgeNet

1996 - Microsoft takes equity Stake in Proginet[5]

1996 - Acquired TransAccess from Microsoft

1996 - Kevin M. Kelly becomes CEO[6]

1997 - Developed and introduced CyberFusion

2000 - Acquired TCS and the Tempus suite of products from Surefire

2002 - Developed and introduced SIFT (Secure Internet File Transfer)

2004 - Acquired Blockade Systems Corporation and their products: ESAccess (now SecurAccess) and ManagedID (now SecurForce)

2005 - Developed and introduced CyberFusion Integration Suite (CFI)

2006 - Partnered with SoftCare EC Solutions Inc. to embed SoftCare's TradeLink EDI Management software in CyberFusion Integration Suite (CFI) as CFI Commerce Server

2008 - Developed the Slingshot e-mail attachment management solution

2008 - Partnered with Rocketstream to embed Rocketstream's file transfer acceleration technology in CyberFusion Integration Suite [7]

2008 - Sandy Weil becomes president and CEO [8]

2008 - Announced Edge Server, a Secure Gateway Appliance to facilitate secure file transfer with external parties

2008 - Announced,[9] a hardware-based appliance for e-mail attachment management with full archiving capabilities

2008 - Entered into an expanded partnership agreement with Beta Systems Software AG. This included an asset swap of Proginet's line of security products (i.e. SecurPass, SecurPass, and SecurAccess) for Harbor's file transfer software (i.e. Harbor File Transfer and Network Storage Manager).

2009 - Entered into an OEM transaction with Attachmate, Innovis, and Software AG

2009 - Acquired intellectual property of RocketStream Inc.[10]

2010 - Announced AnyFileNow, a SaaS/Cloud file transfer solution [11]

2010 - Acquired by Tibco for $23MM [12]