Promachoteuthis sloani

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Promachoteuthis sloani
Promachoteuthis sloani third specimen.JPG
The third known specimen of P. sloani, collected during the summer 2009 cruise of the NOAA ship Henry B. Bigelow[1]
Scientific classification
P. sloani
Binomial name
Promachoteuthis sloani

Promachoteuthis sloani is a species of squid from the northern Atlantic Ocean. It is known from only three specimens and very little is understood of its biology.[1] P. sloani is characterised by several morphological features: nuchal fusion is absent between the head and mantle, the arms generally bear 3–4 series of suckers, and papillae are present on the tentacles.[2]

The holotype is an immature female of 58 mm mantle length (ML) in near-perfect condition. It was caught by R/V G.O. SARS in 2004 at 53°05′N 36°46′W / 53.083°N 36.767°W / 53.083; -36.767. The paratype, also an immature female, is larger at 102 mm ML. It was caught by R/V Walther Herwig in 1973 at 46°00′N 15°49′W / 46.000°N 15.817°W / 46.000; -15.817. Both were trawled in nets that fished to depths greater than 2,650 m.[2]


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