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Memorial complex of clairvoyant Tarabići in Kremna near Užice, Serbia.
Kremna sphere found under the ground.

The Kremna Prophecies or Prophecy from Kremna are a collection of prophecies purporting to have been written before the twentieth-century events that they describe.[1]


The Kremna Prophecies originated in the village of Kremna, in Serbia. Illiterate peasants Miloš Tarabić (Милош Тарабић) and his nephew Mitar Tarabić (Митар Тарабић, 1829-1899) built a reputation for predicting the future. Their village Serbian Orthodox priest, Zaharije Zaharić (Захарије Захарић, 1836-1918) is said to have recorded their predictions.[2] Both Tarabićes died before 1900. The following simple translations, from Serbo-Croatian to English, were prepared by Robert Gaković.


At least one author has questioned whether the "accurate" prophecies were published in advance of the events they foretell: Voja Antonić (in Serbian) in Kremansko neproročanstvo: studija jedne obmane (Non-Prophecy from Kremna - a study of deception).[3]


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