Protestantism in Poland

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Protestantism in Poland

  Lutherans (42%)
  Pentecostals (34%)
  Baptists (4%)
  Methodists (3%)
  Calvinists (2%)
  Other Protestants (8%)

Protestantism in Poland is the third largest faith in Poland, after the Roman Catholic Church (32,910,865) and the Polish Orthodox Church (507,196).[1] As of 2011 there were approximately 80 registered Protestant denominations in Poland, with a total of 145,600 members.[2] Most Protestants (mainly Lutherans) in the country live in historically Protestant regions such as Cieszyn Silesia and Warmia-Masuria and in major urban areas. However, almost all urban and rural areas in Poland are predominantly Roman Catholic. The only town in the country with a majority Protestant population is Wisła.[3]

Major denominations (with at least two thousand followers) classified as Protestant by Poland's Central Statistical Office (as of 2018) include:[1]

Poland's Central Statistical Office lists 15 more Protestant denominations with at least 200 members and 57 smaller religious groups that it classifies as Protestant.[4]

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