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Online Advertising
Contextual Advertising

Advertising Data Services
Founded 2006

Philipp Pieper

Thomas Nitsche

Palo Alto, CA

Munich, Germany
Key people

Philipp Pieper - CEO
Louis Monier – Chief Scientist

Rodney Mayers – SVP Business Development
Services Contextual Data, Brand Protection, Audience Interest Data, Analytics Suite

Proximic is a platform that provides real-time data services for contextual data for online advertisers and agencies. The company is based in Palo Alto, with research and development facilities in Munich. The company's CEO Philipp Pieper co-founded the company with mathematician Thomas Nitsche.[1][2] Thomas Nitsche and Elmar Henne, Proximic's chief architect, developed the Mephisto Chess Computer. Chief Scientist is Louis Monier, founder of the AltaVista search engine.[3]

Proximic launched in alpha testing mode in late 2007.[4] In 2010, the company integrated with the real-time ad platform AppNexus and started to offer its contextual data services to the display advertisers and agencies.[5]


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