Prudence at Number 10

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Prudence[1] at Number 10 is a fictional diary purporting to be the private thoughts of Prudence Harbinger, former (United Kingdom) Prime Minister Gordon Brown's Director of Media Liaison, but actually written for publication in British newspaper The Sunday Telegraph by Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran,[2] the authors of the column's predecessor Alan B'Stard's Diary.

In the first episode[3] we are introduced to a single fast-track career civil-servant who carries a torch for the Iron Chancellor since working on his team a decade before. Her heart leaps when he rings her to renew their (strictly working) relationship.


  1. ^ The name is a reference to Gordon Brown's continual references, throughout his time at the Treasury,to the need for financial caution.
  2. ^ First episode published on 10 June 2007
  3. ^ In which we meet Prudence