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Pruitt is a surname of English origin. Notable people with that name include:


  • Anna Seward Pruitt (1862–1948), American missionary to China; mother of Ida Pruitt
  • Cicero Washington Pruitt (1857–1946), American missionary to China; father of Ida Pruitt
  • Dillard Pruitt (born 1961), American professional golfer
  • Elinore Pruitt Stewart, (1876–1933), American homesteader in Wyoming and memoirist
  • Ervin Pruitt, (born 1940), American professional stock car racer
  • Etric Pruitt (born 1981), American professional football player
  • Gabe Pruitt (born 1986), American professional basketball player
  • Greg Pruitt (born 1951), American professional football player
  • Ida Pruitt (1888–1985), American social worker, author, speaker, and interpreter of Chinese; daughter of C. W. Pruitt and Anna Pruitt
  • John H. Pruitt (1896–1918), American double Medal of Honor recipient
  • Jordan Pruitt (born 1991), American pop singer
  • Ken Pruitt (born 1957), American politician from Florida; state since 2001
  • Mike Pruitt (born 1954), American professional football player
  • MyCole Pruitt, American football player
  • Ron Pruitt (born 1951), American professional baseball player
  • Scott Pruitt (born 1968), American politician; EPA administrator 2017-present; Oklahoma attorney general 2010-2017; Oklahoma state senator 1999–2006

Given name[edit]