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Temporal range: Late Triassic
Skull of Machaeroprosopus mccauleyi
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Sauropsida
Infraclass: Archosauromorpha
(unranked): Crurotarsi
Order: Phytosauria
Family: Parasuchidae
Subfamily: Mystriosuchinae
(unranked): Leptosuchomorpha
Tribe: Mystriosuchini
  • Mystriosuchinae Huene, 1915
  • Mystriosuchidae Huene, 1915
  • Pseudopalatinae Long and Murry, 1995

Mystriosuchini is an extinct tribe of derived phytosaurs in the clade Leptosuchomorpha. As with all other phytosaurs, mystriosuchins lived during Late Triassic. The name is derived from the genus Mystriosuchus.

Genera classified in Mystriosuchini include Coburgosuchus, Machaeroprosopus, Mystriosuchus, Nicrosaurus and Redondasaurus.[1][2] It includes the most ecologically divergent phytosaurs, the terrestrial Nicrosaurus[3] and the fully aquatic Mystriosuchus.[4]


Below is a cladogram from Stocker (2012):[5]


Wannia scurriensis

Paleorhinus bransoni

"Paleorhinus" sawini


Brachysuchus megalodon


Rutiodon carolinensis

"Machaeroprosopus" zunii

Protome batalaria


"Phytosaurus" doughtyi

TMM 31173-120

Leptosuchus crosbiensis

Leptosuchus studeri

Smilosuchus lithodendrorum

Smilosuchus adamanensis

Smilosuchus gregorii

Pravusuchus hortus


Machaeroprosopus mccauleyi

Mystriosuchus westphali

Machaeroprosopus pristinus


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