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Psi-Man is a series of six novels written by Peter David (originally writing under the pseudonym "David Peters").[1] The books were published starting in 1990 by Diamond Books, and the series was re-released by Ace Books in 2000 (under David's real name).

The series concerns Chuck Simon, a teacher who develops psionic powers including telepathy and telekinesis, but his abilities are discovered by a government agency who wish to turn Chuck into a covert weapon. He goes on the run across a dystopian future landscape of ruined ecologies and elaborate entertainment facilities, often encountering others with strange abilities and mutations. He is joined by a telepathic dog (Rommel), that he meets while honing his telekinetic skills at one of the facilities owned by the government agency called Complex.


  • Psi-Man 1: Mind-Force Warrior (1990)[2]
  • Psi-Man 2: Deathscape (1991)
  • Psi-Man 3: Main Street D.O.A. (1991)
  • Psi-Man 4: The Chaos Kid (1991)
  • Psi-Man 5: Stalker (1991)
  • Psi-Man 6: Haven (1992)