Deconica coprophila

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Deconica coprophila
2010-07-09 Deconica coprophila (Bull.) Fr 93001.jpg
Scientific classification
D. coprophila
Binomial name
Deconica coprophila
(Bull.) P.Karst (1821)

Agaricus coprophilus Bull. (1793)
Psilocybe coprophila (Bull.) P.Kumm. (1871) Stropharia coprophila (Bull.) J.E. Lange (1936)

Deconica coprophila, commonly known as the dung-loving Psilocybe, is a species of mushroom in the Strophariaceae family. First described as Agaricus coprophilus by Jean Baptiste François Pierre Bulliard in 1793,[2] it was transferred to the genus Psilocybe by Paul Kummer in 1871.[3] In the late 2000s, several molecular studies showed that the Psilocybe was polyphyletic,[4][5][6] and the non-bluing (non-hallucinogenic) species were transferred to Deconica.[7]


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