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Pu Shu (simplified Chinese: 朴树; traditional Chinese: 樸樹; pinyin: Pǔ Shù) (born 1971)is a Chinese singer-songwriter who was born in Nanjing and grew up in Beijing.[1] In 1994, he quit studying at Capital Normal University and started composing songs. He became a signed singer in 麦田音乐 in 1996. His signature works are "Flowers" (那些花儿) and "Birch Forest" (白桦林). He also has performed in films like "Flowers Blooming" [2] and "If I Lose You".[3]


Year Title Role
1999 Flowers Blooming Zhang Yang
2006 If I Lose You Pu


Year Title Language
1999 I went to 2000 Chinese (Mandarin)
2003 Life Like A Summer Flower Chinese (Mandarin)
2017 Orion Chinese (Mandarin)