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Pu Shu (simplified Chinese: 朴树; traditional Chinese: 樸樹; pinyin: Pǔ Shù) (born 1973) is a Chinese singer-songwriter who was born in Nanjing and grew up in Beijing.[1] In 1994, he quit studying at Capital Normal University and started composing songs. He became a signed singer in Taihe Rye Music's Mai Tian Music (麦田音乐) in 1996. His signature works are "Flowers" (那些花儿) and "Birch Forest" (白桦林). He also has performed in films like Flowers Blooming[2] and If I Lose You.[3] After a break of 11 years he published the new song "The Ordinary Road" (平凡之路) as theme song for the Chinese film The Continent in 2014.[4]


Year Title Role
2000 If I Lose You Pu
2002 Where Have All the Flowers Gone Zhang Yang


Year Title Language
1999 I went to 2000 Chinese (Mandarin)
2003 Life Like A Summer Flower Chinese (Mandarin)
2017 Orion Chinese (Mandarin)

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