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A pubcast is an online presentation that includes the combination of video with a published research article. This is accomplished by using an in-browser application software that enables the ability to select particular portions of the published article to be displayed at particular points in a video timeline. The result is a synchronized presentation posted online.


The term pubcast is used as a coloqualism to describe a video conference session in an unlikely place, such as a pub. The session is intended to include a remote participant in a social event.

The term Pubcast is used to describe a Podcast that is primarily or entirely recorded in a pub.


The term pubcast was coined by Phil Bourne, co-founder of SciVee, a web 2.0 a science video sharing website in early 2007.[citation needed]

Christophe Delire is conceiver of the PostModemArt WebOpera. (postmodemart) and (webopera) Christophe uses since 2007 to make realtime exhibitions where information is played "live" and dynamically on a vertical time line (like a blog).


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