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Pubudu Chathuranga
Born (1982-11-12) 12 November 1982 (age 35)
Galle, Sri Lanka
Nationality Sri Lankan
Occupation Actor, Presenter, Model, Screenplay writer
Years active 2006 - present
Height 5 ft 9 in (175 cm)
Spouse(s) Mashi Siriwardena

Eththiligoda Vidana Gamage Pubudu Chathuranga, popularly as Pubudu Chathuranga (born 12 November 1982 in Galle), is an award-winningSri Lankan actor, model and screenplay writer. He has been nominated for best actors awards twice, and won the Best Actor (2012) in The Derana Lux Film awards for his performance in the movie Challenges in 2011.[1] Chathuranga has also been awarded Sarasaviya Awards and SIGNIS Awards several times.

Early life and family[edit]

Pubudu was born in Kithulampitiya, Galle. His mother, Lalitha Indrani Weththasinghe, is a housewife born in Colombo who moved to Galle after marrying his father, E.V.G Somasiri, in the 1970s. He has one sister, Dushanthi Thamodini.[2] His surname, Pubudu, came from his father's personal name, given to him by his grandfather. The name Pubudu means "blossoming of wisdom", and Chathuranga stands for any four noble things.

School and education[edit]

Pubudu attended Richmond College in Galle, which his father had also attended.[citation needed] His school drama performances started in grade 1, where he acted in a comedic street play, "Mahadana Muththa".[citation needed] Afterwards he appeared in fourteen other stage dramas at the school, including ten English plays, for example Julius Caesar. He organised his own theater group when he was in grade 12 and carried out his own theatrical productions, such as Miriguwa (Eyes Wide Shut) and Histhanak.[citation needed] He was selected to receive higher education as a candidate for a Higher National Diploma in Engineering (HNDE)[citation needed], and he moved to Colombo. However, he became more involved in the arts than maths.

Television career[edit]

Pubudu started his career by appearing on stage in Trojan Women by Dharmasiri Bandaranayake.[citation needed] He then moved to television with a teledrama of Prof. Ariyarathna Athugala, named Samanala Kandawura.[citation needed] Pubudu became popular, landing recurring roles in TV series such as the soap opera Sara (2006).[3] Chathuranga won best actor award at Raigam Tele'es for his role in One Way.[4][5]

He also appeared as a TV presenter, with successful musical chats such as Sikurada Rae (Derana TV) and Copy Chat (Hiru TV).[citation needed] He also hosted Hiru Golden Film Awards in two occasions with Mahendra Perera in two times.

Notable works[edit]

  • Sara (2006)
  • Lokkaiya (2007)
  • Gajamuthu (2008)[6]
  • Ran Samanalayo (2010)
  • Namak Nati Minisa (2011)[7]
  • Bhavanthara (2014)[8]
  • Modara Walla (2017)
  • Devliye (2017)
  • Deweni Yuddhaya[9]

Cinema career[edit]

He made his film debut in the comedic youth film Hiripoda Wassa (2004) and received his first notable critical award for this performance through the Sarasaviya Awards.[citation needed] Pubudu obtained recognition for his subsequent work in supporting roles in Tharaka Mal (2006) and Dancing Stars (2007), as well as a leading role in Kanyavi (2007), for which he received an award from SIGNIS Awards.[10] He made an international appearance in Uberto Pasolini's award winning movie Machan (2008).[citation needed]

Since the 2000s, Pubudu has appeared in 20 movies with locally and internationally recognised directors. His stage career became successful after he appeared in Nari Burathi (2012), where he played the main role.[citation needed] His writing career started in childhood and prospered after he wrote the movie Sara, It is the first Sri Lankan movie which is written based out of a TV serial.[11] He has also written movies such as Pravegaya and Maayaa.[citation needed]


Year Film Role Notes
2005 Hiripoda Wassa Sithum Performance award in Sarasaviya awards
2007 Tharaka Mal Parthipal
2008 Machan Spoilt son
Dancing Star
Paya Enna Hiru Se Sudu Malli
2009 Kanyavi Madhawa Performance award in SIGNIS
2010 Suwanda Denuna Jeewithe Prasad
Sara Denuka
2011 Sinhawalokanaya Cyril
Challenges[12] Ranuk Best Actor Derana Film Awards
2012 Super Six Bhathiya
2013 Samanala Sandhawaniya Vadisha s' elder brother
2014 Parawarthana Siripala
2015 Pravegaya Wasantha
2016 Cindrella
July 7 Pubudu
Sakkarang Milton Best Actor in Negative role - Derana Film Awards
Maya 3D Malan
2017 Devani Warama Kusal Karaliyadda
Seema Na Akase[13][14][15]
2018 Eka Dawasaka Api[16] Vimukthi
Davena Vihagun[17] Brothel owner
TBD Surangana Lowin Awilla[18]
TBD Under Panty Thief [19]
TBD Kandak Sema


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