Puente de la Unidad

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Puente de la Unidad
Puente atirantado.PNG
Puente de la Unidad at night
Coordinates 25°40′05″N 100°22′49″W / 25.66806°N 100.38028°W / 25.66806; -100.38028Coordinates: 25°40′05″N 100°22′49″W / 25.66806°N 100.38028°W / 25.66806; -100.38028
Carries vehicles
Crosses Santa Catarina River[1]
Locale Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico[1]
Design Cable-stayed bridge, inclined pylon, asymmetric, semi-fan arrangement
Material concrete (pylon)[1]
Total length 304 metres (997 ft)[1]
Width 28 to 35 metres (92 to 115 ft)[1]
Height 134 metres (440 ft) (pylon)[1]
Longest span 185 metres (607 ft)[1]
Designer Daniel Tassin[1]
Constructed by Grupo Garza Ponce

Puente de la Unidad or Viaducto de la Unidad is a cantilever spar cable-stayed bridge designed by Óscar Bulnes[citation needed] that crosses the Santa Catarina River and connects the cities of Monterrey and San Pedro Garza García in the Mexican state of Nuevo León. It is part of a circuit called "Circuito La Unidad", which would consist of the interconnection of a series of Avenues.


The bridge was finished in 2003 and has been controversial even before its completion because the river it crosses is dry almost all year long.

Although a huge part of the cost of this bridge was done by the business class from Monterrey, they were aware that the Santa Catarina River is affected by overflowing water from saturated rain caused by hurricanes. The San Pedro neighborhood is very well connected to the Colinas San Jerónimo and Valle Sol vicinity using this bridge.

Last 2010 Alex Hurricane burst millions of metric tons of water. The water carried the garbage on its path, damaging almost every structure of the previously dry river.

This method of construction respects the natural pathway of the dry river at demanding intervals.

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