Puerto Rico Highway 116

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Puerto Rico Secondary Highway 116 marker

Highway 116
Avenida Manuel "Pito" Pagán Ramírez[1]
Route information
Maintained by Puerto Rico DTPW
Major junctions
West end PR-101 in Lajas
  PR-122 in Lajas
PR-117 / PR-315 in Lajas
East end PR-2 in Susúa Baja
Highway system
A rural stretch of Highway 116 in Lajas
Eastern end of Highway 116 in Guanica where it meets Highway 2

Puerto Rico Highway 116 (PR-116) is a main highway in the southwest part of Puerto Rico, beginning in Guánica, Puerto Rico at Puerto Rico Highway 2 to Lajas, Puerto Rico[2] at Puerto Rico Highway 101. It is the main route to Guánica and Lajas, and grants access to places such as the Dry Forest of Puerto Rico (Bosque Seco), common for its cacti and dry, desert-like climate, and also to beaches like Parguera in Lajas and Playa Santa in Guánica. It is divided, two lane-per-direction in the first 4 kilometers before turning one lane-per direction in the rest of its length. The width of its lanes allows for speed limits above the normal rural roads.[3]

Related routes[edit]

Currently, PR-116 has three branches in its old segments in Guánica and Yauco. Originally they were identified as PR-116R.[3]

Puerto Rico Highway 1116[edit]

Highway 1116

Puerto Rico Highway 1116 (PR-1116) is the old section of PR-116 between Guánica and Yauco. It extends from PR-116 between Caño and Carenero barrios to PR-121 in Susúa Baja.[3] In 2015, this highway was designated as Avenida Agustín "Quino" López Oliveras.[4]

Puerto Rico Highway 3116[edit]

Highway 3116

Puerto Rico Highway 3116 (PR-3116) is an old segment of PR-116 that provides access to Ensenada.[3]

Puerto Rico Highway 4116[edit]

Highway 4116

Puerto Rico Highway 4116 (PR-4116) is the original route of PR-116 through downtown Guánica. This road can be seen as Puerto Rico 116 Business.[3]

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