Puja Pain Phulatie

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Pooja Pain Phulatie
ପୂଜା ପାଇଁ ଫୁଲଟିଏ
Directed by Gadadhar Puty
Produced by Padmini Puty
Written by Gadadhar Puty
Starring Adyasha Mahapatra
Sarat Pujari
Akankshya Kabi
Sumanta Mani
Music by Vikash Das
Cinematography Jugal Debata
Release date
  • 2007 (2007)
Running time
96 minute
Country India
Language Odia

Pooja Pain Phulatie (aka - A rose for Pooja)(Odia: ପୂଜା ପାଇଁ ଫୁଲଟିଏ) is a 2007 Indian Odia film, directed by Gadadhar Puty. It is the story of an extraordinary 12 year girl Pooja and her relationship with another girl of 5 years, Mickey.


Pooja, an orphan, is brought up in a brickyard with her grandfather. She is excellent in her studies and co curricular activities. The owner of the brickyard takes her to his city house for higher studies but his wife engages Pooja as a domestic hand and does not allow her to go to school. A strong bond develops between her spoilt daughter, Mickey and Pooja. Within a short time Pooja transforms Mickey into an all round champion.One day Pooja hurt her leg. Mickey did all her work and helped her friend. When the friendship reaches a peak level, Pooja is driven out from their house.Pooja went back to the village to meet her grandfather. When she heard that he is dead broken she lived at a temple. She was later treated and adopted by a docter. Years later these two tender hearts meet: Mickey with eye injury and Pooja to help her without revealing her identity.She acted as a deaf and mute. Mickey’s condition aggravates and Pooja prays almighty for Mickey at the cost of her life. Pooja dies of cancer and donates her eyes for Mickey.She searched for Pooja everywhere. She later realises that Pooja is dead and Mickey sees the light of the world through Pooja’s eyes. [1]


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The film revolve around a 13-year-old girl, her love and friendship, and the turmoil she faces in relationships. Her inchoate awakening to the complexities of life and living forms the staple in and around Bhubaneswar.[3]


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