Pulletop Bushfire

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Pulletop Bushfire
Wagga Wagga, Pulleytop bushfire, February 6th, 2006.jpg
Location Pulletop, New South Wales
Coordinates 35°30′39″S 147°26′48″E / 35.510833°S 147.446667°E / -35.510833; 147.446667Coordinates: 35°30′39″S 147°26′48″E / 35.510833°S 147.446667°E / -35.510833; 147.446667
Date(s) 6 February 2006 (2006-02-06) – 19 February 2006 (2006-02-19)[1]
Pulletop Bushfire is located in Australia
Pulletop Bushfire

The Pulletop Bushfire, officially referred to as the "Wandoo fire", started on the 6 February 2006 in hot dry and windy weather conditions about 30 km southeast of Wagga Wagga, New South Wales.[2] The fire was thought to have been started by sparks from a tractor on a property at Pulletop which quickly got out of control. New South Wales Rural Fire Service declared a bushfire emergency and the Hume Highway was closed late in the afternoon with fears that the fire would threaten the towns of Humula, Book Book, Livingstone and Kyeamba after 10 km² of farmland was burnt.[2][3] 7 February 2006 milder conditions help firefighters to control the fire burning in inaccessible country.[4]

MODIS Aqua satellite image of the bushfire on 6 February 2006.

Over 90 km² of farmland burnt[5]

  • 2,500 sheep killed
  • 6 cattle killed
  • 3 vehicles destroyed
  • 2 hay sheds destroyed
  • 50km of fencing was burnt
  • Pine plantation worth $5 million, a communications installation and 19 homes saved
  • A Natural Disaster was declared


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