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Na Woon-gyu in Punguna (1926)
Revised Romanization Punguna
McCune–Reischauer P‘unguna
Directed by Na Woon-gyu
Produced by Hyeon Seong-wan
Written by Na Woon-gyu
Starring Na Woon-gyu (Nicolai Park)
Yoon Seong-sil (Kang Hyu-ok)
Cinematography Lee Chang-yong
Edited by Na Woon-gyu
Distributed by Choson Kinema Productions
Release date
  • December 18, 1926 (1926-12-18)
Running time
(1,795 ft)
Language Silent film
Korean intertitles
Budget 1,000 won

Punguna (풍운아, Soldier of Fortune) is a 1926 Korean film. The silent, black-and-white film was written, directed, edited by and starred Na Woon-gyu (1902-1937). It premiered at the Choseon Theater in December 1926.

Plot summary[edit]

In Punguna, Na Woon-gyu plays the role of Nicolai Park, a veteran of the Russian army, who has returned to Korea from European battlefields. Broke, hungry, and unable to find employment, he is taken in as a boarder by Kim Chang-ho. Chang-ho's friend, Cha-duk becomes romantically involved with Hae-ok, who had sold herself to support her parents. Cha-duk's wife, Yeong-ja becomes involved with Nicolai, who rejects her proposal to run away with him. The romantic complications spiral until Yeong-ja kills Cha-duk. The film ends with Nicolai departing for destinations unknown while the other boarders bid him farewell.



Ju In-gyu (Ahn Jae-deok)
Kim Jeong-suk (Choi Yeong-ja)
Nam Gung-ung (Kim Chang-ho)
Joo Sam-son (Jeong Gu-jin)
Lim Woon-hak (Shin Do-seong)
Lee Gyeong-seon (Gwak Cheol-san)
Hong Myeong-seon (Cheon Il-hak)


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