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Punta rock or Belizean punta is a form of the traditional punta rhythm of the Garifuna people of Belize, Guatemala, Honduras. Although most artists and bands are exclusively Garifuna, songs are usually in Kriol or Garifuna and rarely in Spanish, or English.[1]


Punta rock was created by Pen Cayetano in Belize in 1978.[2] Punta is a genre of traditional music that developed among the Garifuna people of Belize, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Honduras.

While this style is unique, calypso and soca have had slight influences on it. Like calypso and soca, Belizean punta was used for both social commentary and risqué humor, though the initial wave of punta acts eschewed the former. Lord Rhaburn and the Cross Culture Band were integral in the acceptance of punta by Belizeans (namely Kriols) by actually doing calypso songs about punta such as "Gumagrugu Watah" and "Punta Rock Eena Babylon".

Punta rock was brought to the U.S by Ideal Castillo. Ideal had learned punta rock with Chukupen Paulino and played with the original Larunihati Band (featured in the movie "The Mosquito Coast"). Ideal later met up with Pen Cayetano and Mohobub Flores in Dangriga and for a while was the youngest member of the Pen Cayetano's Turtle Shell Band. When Ideal came to the United States, he introduced Punta Rock to the Garifuna people living in the Bronx. He formed punta rock band Isanigu Punta Rock Soul-Jahs.

Notable artists and bands[edit]