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Pupa's Window is an American East Coast lo-fi musical act[citation needed].[1] and a member of The Seldon Plan [1] Pupa's Window was formed in 1995 as a way to document recording processes and has released over 18 home-recorded records, some of which have received critical acclaim[citation needed]. Currently part of the Baltimore-based The Beechfields Record Label, Pupa's Window started in the mid-90's at the advent of cassette based lo-fi indie pop, although recent records have included more orchestration, experimental recording techniques and releases on CD. Often compared to Lou Barlow, Smog's Bill Callahan and Elliott Smith,[2][3] Pupa's Window is regarded as one of Baltimore's "best-kept indie-pop songwriter secrets." [2] The music of Pupa's Window is reflective of The Beechfields Record Label and has been called "a stripped-down, folky type of indie-pop with a freak factor provided by plenty of echoey production, a few odd instruments and sounds, and tape-loop tinkering." [4]

Asked about his own music, Nestor has said, "I'm really afraid of the self-indulgent aspect of this music...what I try to remember, is to keep things in the service of the song, that if something isn't working for the song--the lyrics, a drum loop, whatever--to rethink it." [1]


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