Purushottama Bilimoria

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Purushottama Bilimoria is senior research fellow with the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies, senior lecturer at Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, He is a Chancellor's Scholar and Visiting Professor at the University of California, Berkeley; an honorary professor at the Deakin University and senior fellow at Melbourne University in Australia. Padmasiri de Silva[who?] describes him as "[a] very versatile scholar, admirable friend, creative, shares an interest in human emotions with me".[citation needed]

Bilimoria is the Editor-in-chief of the philosophy and theology journal Sophia.


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  • "Why is there Nothing Rather than Something? (Sophia" (2013)
  • The Indian Diaspora The Hindus and Sikhs in Australia (1996; 2015)
  • The Self & its Other in Hindu Thought (2005)
  • Contemporary Philosophy and J.L. Shaw (ed.) (2006)
  • Essays in Indian Philosophy: Traditional and Modern (1995) (with J. Mohanty)
  • The Other Revolution: NGO and Feminist Perspectives from South and East Asia (1998) (with R. Sharma).

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