Putri yang Ditukar

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Putri yang Ditukar
Genre Sinetron
Created by SinemArt
Written by Serena Luna
Directed by Gita Asmara
Starring Nikita Willy
Glenn Alinskie
Rezky Aditya
Yasmine Wildblood
Citra Kirana
Marini Zumarnis
Sultan Djorghi
Atalarik Syah
Vonny Cornelia
Moudy Wilhelmina
Raslina Rasyidin
Iszur Muchtar
Yadi Timo
Ana Pinem
Aurelie Moeremans
Celine Evangelista
Opening theme Sudahi Perih Ini by D'Masiv
Ending theme Sudahi Perih Ini by D'Masiv
Country of origin Indonesia
Original language(s) Indonesian
No. of episodes 676
Producer(s) Leo Sutanto
Location(s) Jakarta
Running time 60-180 minutes
Production company(s) SinemArt
Distributor SinemArt
Original network RCTI, Astro Aruna(Starting on 3/12/12)
Picture format (SDTV)
First shown in September 20, 2010 (2010-09-20)
Original release September 20, 2010 (2010-09-20) – November 25, 2011 (2011-11-25)
External links
Website www.sinemart.com

Putri yang Ditukar (English translations: The Exchanged Daughter) is an Indonesian television serial (sinetron) is a second long-running drama with 676 episodes after Cinta Fitri with 1002 episodes. It was produced video productions house public distributor company network by SinemArt headed by Serena Luna.


Cast Role
Nikita Willy Amira
Yasmine Wildblood Zahira
Glenn Alinskie Arman
Lucky Perdana Tirta
Rezky Aditya Rizky
Bobby Joseph Dr. Rendra
Citra Kirana Meisya
Tsania Marwa Feli
Amanda William Lisa
Sultan Djorghi Ihsan
Marini Zumarnis Utari
Atalarik Syah Prabu Wijaya
Vonny Cornellya Aini
Erlanda Gunawan Erlanda
Moudy Wilhelmina Malena
Iszur Muchtar Rusli
Raslina Rasyidin Leni
Helsi Herlinda Farah
Adipura Irfan
Yadi Timo Wisnu
Ana Pinem Surti
Mona Ratuliu Gusti
Ria Probo Livia
Rionaldo Stockhorst Rangga
Devi Permatasari Sari
Raya Kohandi Salsa
Jessica Mila Mia
Putri Patricia Santi
Aurellie Moeremans Nina
Celine Evangelista Seli
Bara Tampubolon Ian
Cut Syifa Syifa
Tony Lau
Vincent Lau
Putri Titian Thalia
Teuku Ryan Sultan
Mathias Muchus Matias
Nani Widjaja Prabu Wijaya's potion maker
Lucky Alamsyah Amira & Zahira's Doctor
Yoelitta Palar Susan
Ibnu Jamil Imron
Marak Smith


Amira and Zahira has a different life. Amira simple life with her parents, Ihsan and Utari. While Zahira luxury living with her parents, Prabu and Aini, and stepmother, Malena and stepsister Meisya. Unlike Amira who lives in a loving family. Meanwhile, Zahira, although getting an abundance of affection from both parents, but she always got bad treatment from Malena and Meisya. Arman, her personal driver, the only person in the house who knew about it, and always make Zahira rigid. No one knows, she is actually the child of Ihsan and Utari. While Amira is the son of Prabu and Aini. Wisnu hold grundge against Prabu since has made it defective, exchange the two babies are born simultaneously. Wisnu wanted to give Prabu a lesson, because he was caring for children from his archenemy, Ihsan, who happens love his wife, Prabu's second wife, Aini. Wisnu has ever promised to match their children with child Ihsan and Utari also entrust their children to Surti, housemaid at Prabu family. And it is his son Arman. Complexity occurs when each of the two reunited, Amira and Zahira. Amira was met by accident with Prabu and Aini. Amira also met and became acquainted with Zahira and Arman, when she had an accident because nearly run down by a rich young man named Rizky. Amira became confused when Prabu, Aini, and Zahira came to the funeral of her father, Ihsan. Amira who are grieving the direct shock when Prabu introduced his name, because Amira heard that Prabu was the one who caused her father died. Time was running out, and they all are like living in an unbroken circle. Will the truth be revealed? .. Amira and Zahira how reaction when she found out the truth?

International broadcasts[edit]

Awards and Nominations[edit]

Year Award Categories Recipients Result
2011 Panasonic Gobel Awards Soap-Opera Putri yang Ditukar Won
Actor Atalarik Syah Won
Actress Nikita Willy Won
2012 Panasonic Gobel Awards Soap-Opera Putri yang Ditukar Won
Actor Rezky Aditya Won
Actress Nikita Willy Nominated

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