Puttur, Sri Lanka

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Puttur is located in Sri Lanka
Coordinates: 9°44′0″N 80°06′0″E / 9.73333°N 80.10000°E / 9.73333; 80.10000
Country Sri Lanka
Province Northern
District Jaffna
DS Division Valikamam East

Puttur is a town in the north of Sri Lanka.


The first Sri Lankan school providing free education was established in Puttur.[citation needed] Hon Malzawarajar Kandiah established the J/Sri Somaskanda College (யா/ஸ்றீ சோமாஸ்கந்த கல்லூரி), originally a Hindu-based college in Puttur. This was during the period when fee-charging Christian schools were dominant all over Sri Lanka during the British colonial rule.


The Sivan Kovil, many Hindu establishments, the American mission run hospital and the now free American Mission (Protestant) school, the pioneering J/Sri Somaskanda College are some of the landmarks of Puttur. there is an area in puttur called Vatharavaththai. To that area drinking water going from the Annachaththirim-Puttur through the pipes for (6-9km). this water supply scheme started by former president Hons S.Piremadasa in late 70's.


The annual poongawanam festival (பூங்காவனம்) held in friendly competition between Puttur Sivan Kovil (புத்தூர்) and the neighbouring Avarangal Sivan Kovil (ஆவரங்கால்) were the climax of activities before the Sri Lankan Civil War started.


Coordinates: 9°44′N 80°6′E / 9.733°N 80.100°E / 9.733; 80.100