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Pyatinas in the 16th century.

Pyatina (Russian: Пятина) was a first-level unit of administrative division of Novgorod Land. The name pyatina originates from the word Russian: пять, which means "five". Novgorod Land was subdivided into five pyatinas. The division was first mentioned in the end of the 15th century and was in use after Novgorod was taken over by the Grand Duchy of Moscow. It is unclear whether the division existed in the Novgorod Republic. The division into pyatinas was abolished in the 18th century, after the governorates were established.

The five pyatinas were[1]

Four of the five pyatinas (with the exception of Bezhetskaya Pyatina) were adjacent to the city of Novgorod. The corresponding quarters of Novgorod served as the administrative centers of these pyatinas.[2]


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