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For the 2004 electronic album, see poire_z.
Q - Mr. Children.jpg
Studio album by Mr. Children
Released September 27, 2000
Genre Pop rock, power pop, progressive rock, alternative rock
Label Toy's Factory
Producer Mr. Children
Takeshi Kobayashi
Mr. Children chronology
Mr. Children 1996–2000, Mr. Children 1996–2000

Q is the eighth studio album released by Mr. Children on September 27, 2000.

Since the beginning of their success in 1994, "Q" was the first album not to reach the #1 position because Ayumi Hamasaki outsold them by gapping 1 million copies in first week on the Oricon chart. It was also their lowest selling album since their first successful album, Atomic Heart.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Center of universe
  2. Sono mukou he ikou(Beyond the border)
  3. Not Found
  4. Slow starter
  5. Surrender
  6. Tsuyogari
  7. 12gatsu no Central Park blues
  8. Tomo to coffee to uso to ibukuro
  9. Road Movie
  10. Everything is made from a dream
  11. Kuchibue
  12. Hallelujah
  13. Yasurageru basho