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Q News Gay Magazine
Editor Toby Longhurst
Frequency Bi-weekly
Publisher Ray Mackereth[1]
First issue November 2000 (2000-11)
Country Australia
Based in Brisbane
Language English
Website web.archive.org/web/20110520093301/http://qnews.com.au/

Q News is a gay and lesbian magazine (LGBT) published every second Friday and is based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and is a privately owned Queensland Company. It was launched in December 2000 and was originally printed as a tabloid newspaper,[citation needed] after the demise of Brother Sister in November 2000.Published by a South Australian and owned by a European.

The magazine reports on ground breaking news like Kylie's latest look, Will and Grace, gay peanuts, ab fab, events like floral for spring, what drag queen has one an award in a pub, movies that advertise in Q News, and interviews of interest to the advertising dollar with a team of people who range from employees, to freelance writers and contributors, many of whom volunteer their time.{{Larcombe v Mackereth [2015] FCCA 2646 (1)}}

Q News^2 currently has over 10 distribution points, mostly throughout Queensland and Northern New South Wales,[2] imited outlets in both Ipswich and Caboolture. The magazine is published by the man behind raymackereth.com[citation needed] and allows fee listings via a website they offer, providing information to the LGBT community.

Q News started a community groups website in 2002 to assist LGBT groups with free web-space, plus they offer free sponsored advertising space to not-for-profit community groups and sponsor generally the gay and lesbian events they make money from in Queensland and Northern New South Wales, such as Tropical Fruits.

Q News also helped create Big Gay Day in 2001, a community event where initially 100% of door takings were donated to community groups to help prevent suicide. and profited from full page advertising dollars until recent years, Big Gay Day has been taken over by one of Australia's largest companies - COLES Hotels, a division of Westfarmers[3] who purchased the Wickham Hotel and they still donate one of largest amounts of money raised in gay Queensland to community groups who choose to apply for funding. Without community funds spent on advertising in Q NEWS. Q News[4] is one of the many independent gay (GLBT) magazines in Australia and works extensively with community objectives, such as suicide prevention, Ladies and men's health, HIV prevention, not paying staff entitlements =[5] which has a decentralised population with more people living outside of the state's capital city Brisbane, rather than in it.[citation needed]


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