Qabus ibn al-Mundhir

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Qabus ibn al-Mundhir (in Greek sources Καβόσης, Kaboses) was the king of the Lakhmid Arabs in 569–573.

His name is an Arabic form of the Persian name "Kavus", adopted under the influence of his Sassanid Persian overlords. He succeeded his brother 'Amr III ibn al-Mundhir (r. 554–569). Not much is known of his reign except that he suffered a heavy defeat at the hands of the rival Byzantine-sponsored Ghassanid tribe under Al-Mundhir III ibn al-Harith in 570. After his death, the Lakhmids were ruled by a Persian governor for a year, until Qabus' brother al-Mundhir IV ibn al-Mundhir (r. 574–580) was named as king.