Qalamun Mountains

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The Qalamun Mountains

The Qalamun Mountains (Arabic: جبال القلمون‎) are the northeastern portion of the Anti-Lebanon Mountains, and they are located northeast of the Syrian capital Damascus. They run from Barada River Valley in the southwest to the city of Hisyah in the northeast.

Overview of Saidnaya

Western Qalamun[edit]

The Qalamun Mountains are home to many cities such as:

The peak of Qalamun Mountains host the Cherubim Monastery at Saidnaya.[1]

Eastern Qalamun[edit]

Temple of Zeus Hypsistos, al-Dumayr

Some of the cities located on the eastern part in are:

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Coordinates: 34°0′5.7″N 36°49′21.4″E / 34.001583°N 36.822611°E / 34.001583; 36.822611