Qamar Jalalvi

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Qamar Jalavi
Born Muhammad Hussain
Jalali, Aligarh, India
Died 4 October 1968
Karachi, Pakistan
Nationality Pakistani
Occupation Poet
Known for his amazing books and poems

Qamar Jalavi (Urdu: قمر جلالوی‎)(born Muhammad Hussain and also known as Ustad Qamar Jalalvi) was a renowned Pakistani poet. He was born in Jalali near Aligarh, India in 1887, and died on 4 October 1968. After the creation of Pakistan in 1947, he moved to Karachi.

Qamar Jalalvi is regarded as one of the best classical Urdu Ghazal poets. His ghazal poetry has unique simplicity of expression.

A poet from the age of eight, Qamar Jalalvi's writing had become quite popular by his 20s.

He lived a life of financial hardship working for many years at bicycle repair shops. In India and Pakistan, a teacher of arts is known as Ustad (master), and the term is also loosely used to refer to any kind of skilled worker. Qamar Jalalvi was initially called Ustad because of his bicycle work. Popular with critics, for his mastery of poetry, they dubbed him Ustad Qamar Jalalvi once his poetry made him famous.

Ustad Qamar Jalalvi died in Karachi, Pakistan on 4 October 1968.


The collections of ghazals include:

  1. Rashk-e Qamar (رشکِ قمر)
  2. Aoj-e Qamar (اوجِ قمر)
  3. Tajalliyat-e Qamar (تجلّیاتِ قمر)
  4. Gham-e-javedan

Famous ghazals[edit]

  • Mareez-e-Muhabbat unhi ka fasaana
  • کبھی کہا نہ کسی سے ترے فسانے کو

کبھی کہا نہ کسی سے ترے فسانے کو
نہ جانے کیسے خبر ہوگئی زمانے کو

سنا ہے غیر کی محفل میں تم نہ جاؤ گے
کہو تو آج سجا لوں غریب خانے کو

دعا بہار کی مانگی تو اتنے پھول کھلے
کہیں جگہ نہ ملی میرے آشیانے کو

چمن میں جانا تو صیاد دیکھ کر جانا
اکیلے چھوڑ کر آیا ہوں آشیانے کو

مری لحد پہ پتنگوں کا خون ہوتا ہے
حضور شمع نہ لایا کریں جلانے کو

دبا کہ قبر میں سب چل دیۓ دعا نہ سلام
ذرا سی دیر میں کیا ہوگیا زمانے کو

اب آگے اس میں تمہارا بھی نام آیٔگا
جو حکم ہو تو یہیں چھوڑ دوں فسانے کو

قمر ذرا بھی نہیں تم کو خوفِ رسوایٔ
چلے ہو چاندنی شب میں انہیں بلانے کو

  • Kab mera nasheman ehle chaman

"Funny tales ever told you not to tell anyone How the news was not age

You will not get heard in the concert So today I will tell the poor box set

So I asked for spring flowers open Found no place for my items

If I go to see Chaman bondage Items 've left alone

Plagues of insects on singer's murder Do not burn candles brought before the

Given that all go down into the grave to pray for peace I was a little late age

Now in its name ayga If the trap is to leave here

Qamar not the slightest fear you cook Are going to call them in the moonlit night"