Qidan Guozhi

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Qidan Guozhi (契丹國志; "Records of the Khitan Empire") was a 13th-century book chronicling Chinese history of the Liao Dynasty, also known as the Khitan Empire and lasting from 907 to 1125. Consisting of 27 volumes, it also includes history about the Khitan people before the foundation of the Liao Dynasty, although this section includes a lot of superstitious elements. Written by Ye Longli (葉隆禮) in the Southern Song Dynasty, it primarily relied on sources from a foreign country (Northern Song Dynasty), and as such, differs from History of Liao which is mainly based on official records from Liao Dynasty itself. The book is dated from 1180, a clear error; Ye Yongli did not pass the imperial examination until 1247.