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Qilla Saifullah (Urdu: قلعہ سیف اللہ‎) derived its name from a fort (qilla) built by Saifullah Khan, an influential personage, warlord and freedom fighter among the Mirdadzai Khudiadadzai tribe of Kakar Sunzer-khels. The projected population of the district is 350000 as of 2013. The rural population consists of 80% of the total population. The town mostly consists of small mud and brick houses,corner shops, with some small industries. The city is situated at a height of 2,768 ft. During winter it is very cold especially in Kan Mehterzai and during summer it is very hot.

Qila Saifullah is famous for its fertile soil producing fruits and vegetables.There are numerous apple and apricot orchards exporting fruits to other provinces.The export of vegetables like tomato, carrot and chillies is done commercially on roads and adding enormous share in the agriculture produce of the country. The livestock breeders in Killa Saifullah produce much livestock share for meat and milk purpose for Balochistan province especially Quetta and Zhob divisions.

The District is rich with mineral wealth and produce a high quality chromite in Pakistan, the second largest reserve in the world.Besides chromite, gypsum, ores of coal, salt, granite, marble, copper and gabbro are found in various parts of district. Being rich in oil and gas, government of Pakistan has started oil & gas exploration in the Murgha Fairzai, Shaighala and Kakar Khurasan areas.

Historical Background[edit]

Qilla Saifullah or Killa Saifullah or Saifullah's Qilla is a fort (qilla) built by Saifullah Khan, an influential personage and warlord among the Mirdadzai Khudiadadzai tribe of Kakar Sunzer-khels.This District is named after Saifullah Khan, who was from the Mirdadzai (Khodadzai) tribe of Kakar Sunzerkhail. He was the great grandson of Zarh Nikka (Faiz ullah Akhunzada),a renowned religious scholar of the region. The British sent Zhob Expedition in 1884 in order to occupy the Zhob region through Baratkhail. In the meanwhile in a battle, the castles of Saifullah Khan Khoidadzai and Shah Jehan Jogezai (The Badshah of Zhob) were demolished. On 7 October 1884, an assault on the Qalla (Castle) of Shah Jehan near Akhterzai resulted the killings of many tribal people including Malik Hamza Daulatzai and Mohammad Ghous who fought bravely. All 500 tribal Sardars admitted their submission before the British forces and also signed an agreement that they will not interfere in the affairs of British Government in Zhob region except Saifullah Khan Khoidadzai and Shah Jehan Jogezai, who had a narrow escape from the battle scene and established themselves at Kalat Afghanistan; where they used to operate their insurgency campaign against the British and never subdued before the British Occupying Forces The Qilla Saifullah District of Pakistan derives its name from this fort[1]


Coordinates: 30°42′N 68°22′E / 30.700°N 68.367°E / 30.700; 68.367