National Highways of Pakistan

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National Highways of Pakistan
Urdu: پاکستان کی قومی شاہراہ
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National Highways of Pakistan (Urdu: پاکستان کی قومی شاہراہ) are a network of toll highways in Pakistan, which are owned, maintained and operated by the National Highways Authority under the Ministry of Communications. It maintains 12,131 kilometres (7,538 mi) of roadways organized into various classifications which crisscross the country and provide access to major population centers. National Highways are not to be confused with provincial highways, which are roads maintained by the respective provinces. Pakistan's national highways include the famous Grand Trunk Road, Indus Highway, Karakoram Highway and Makran Coastal Highway. All national highways in Pakistan are pre-fixed with the letter 'N' (for "national") followed by the unique numerical designation of the specific highway (with a hyphen in the middle), e.g. "N-5". Each numerical designation is separated by five numerals, i.e. N-5, N-10, N-15, etc. National Highways are distinct from Strategic Highways, which begin with the prefix 'S' and are controlled and operated by the Ministry of Defence.

National Highway Network Map

Map of Motorways of Pakistan

List of National Highways[edit]

Sign Course Length (km) Lanes Completion Year Status Remarks
Pakistan N-5.svg KarachiTorkham
(N-5 National Highway)
1819 4-6 1952 Operational Longest national highway in Pakistan.
Continues as Kabul–Torkham Road in Afghanistan.
Pakistan N-10.svg KarachiGwadar
(N-10 National Highway)
653  2 2003 Operational Known more popularly as the Makran Coastal Highway.
Pakistan N-15.svg MansehraChilas
(N-15 National Highway)
240 2 - Operational
Pakistan N-20.svg KashmoreUbauro
(N-20 National Highway)
42 2 - Operational
Pakistan N-25.svg KarachiChaman
(N-25 National Highway)
813 2 - Operational Continues as Kandahar–Spin Boldak Road in Afghanistan.
Pakistan N-30.svg Basima – Khuzdar
(N-30 National Highway)
110 2 - Operational
Pakistan N-35.svg Hasan AbdalKhunjerab Pass
(N-35 National Highway)
1300 2 1979 Operational Known more popularly as the Karakoram Highway
Continues as China National Highway 314 Kokudou 314(China).svg in China.
Pakistan N-40.svg QuettaTaftan
(N-40 National Highway)
610 2 - Operational Continues as Road 84 Iran First Level Road 84.png in Iran.
Pakistan N-45.svg NowsheraChitral
(N-45 National Highway)
309 2 - Operational
Pakistan N-50.svg KuchlakDera Ismail Khan
(N-50 National Highway)
531 2 - Operational
Pakistan N-55.svg KotriPeshawar
(N-55 National Highway)
1264 2-4 - Operational Known more popularly as the Indus Highway
Runs along the length of the Indus River, providing relief to the N-5.
Pakistan N-60.svg LahoreSargodha
(N-60 National Highway)
185 2-4-6 - Operational
Pakistan N-65.svg QuettaSukkur
(N-65 National Highway)
385 4 - Operational
Pakistan N-70.svg Qila SaifullahMultan
(N-70 National Highway)
447 2-4 - Operational
Pakistan N-75.svg IslamabadKohala
(N-75 National Highway)
138 4 - Operational
Pakistan N-80.svg IslamabadKohat
(N-80 National Highway)
146 2 - Operational
Pakistan N-85.svg Hushab – Surab
(N-85 National Highway)
487 2 - Operational
Pakistan N-90.svg KhwazakhelaBesham
(N-90 National Highway)
64 2 - Operational
Pakistan N-95.svg ChakdaraKalam
(N-95 National Highway)
135 2 - Operational
Pakistan N-105.svg Larkana – Lakhi
(N-105 National Highway)
61 2 - Operational
Pakistan N-110.svg GharoKeti Bunder
(N-110 National Highway)
90 2 - Operational
Pakistan N-115.svg Tranda Muhammad PanahJalalpur Pirwala
(N-115 National Highway)
66 2 - Operational
Pakistan N-120.svg HyderabadKhokhrapar
(N-120 National Highway)
220 2 - Operational
Pakistan N-125.svg TaxilaHaripur
(N-125 National Highway)
44 2 - Operational
N-130 MianwaliBalkasar
(N-130 National Highway)
129 2 - Operation/UC Takeover by NHA in 2020
N-135 MianwaliMuzaffarghar
(N-135 National Highway)
363 2 - Operation/UC Proposed 4 lane. Takeover by NHA in 2020
N-140 GilgitChitral
(N-140 National Highway)
363 2 - Operation/UC Takeover by NHA in 2020
N-145 Dorah PassChitral
(N-145 National Highway)
82.5 2 - Operation/UC Takeover by NHA in 2020
Pakistan N-155.svg Larkana - Mohenjo Daro
(N-155 National Highway)
28 2 - Operational
Pakistan N-255.svg Larkana - Nasirabad
(N-255 National Highway)
34 2 - Operational
Pakistan N-305.svg Sakrand - Nawabshah
(N-305 National Highway)
35 2 - Operational
Pakistan N-455.svg Larkana - Shahdadkot
(N-455 National Highway)
50 2 - Operational
Pakistan N-655.svg Ratodero - Naudero
(N-655 National Highway)
18 2 - Operational

List of Provincial Highways[edit]


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa[edit]



List of Strategic Highways[edit]

Name Course Length Lanes Completion Year Status Remarks
S-1 Gilgit - Skardu 167 km 2 1982 Operational
S-2 Kohala - Muzaffarabad 40 km 2 2016 Operational
S-3 Muzaffarabad - Chakothi 55 km 2 2010 Operational

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