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For the fictional character, see Qin Zhong (Dream of the Red Chamber).
Qin Zhong
Ruler of Qin
Reign 844–822 BC
Predecessor Gongbo
Successor Duke Zhuang of Qin
Died 822 BC
Issue Duke Zhuang of Qin
House House of Ying
Father Gongbo

Qin Zhong or Zhong of Qin (Chinese: 秦仲; pinyin: Qín Zhòng, died 822 BC) was the fourth ruler of the state of Qin (r. 844 to 822 BC) during China's Zhou dynasty. Qin at the time was a small fief that had been granted to his great-grandfather Feizi for his work breeding horses for King Xiao of Zhou. Qin Zhong succeeded his father Gongbo, who died in 845 BC. Their ancestral name was Ying ().[1]

In 842 BC, the people of Zhou revolted against King Li of Zhou, overthrowing him the following year, and the country fell into turmoil. The Xirong tribes that lived near Qin also rebelled, exterminating the senior branch of the House of Ying at Quanqiu (present-day Lixian in Gansu). After King Xuan ascended the Zhou throne in 827 BC, he made Qin Zhong commander of his forces in the campaign against Xirong.[1]

In 822 BC, Qin Zhong was killed in battle against the Rong. He had five sons and was succeeded by his eldest, who received the posthumous title Duke Zhuang. King Xuan gave Qin Zhong's five sons seven thousand soldiers and they defeated the Rong and recovered their patrimony. King Xuan then awarded Qin the territory of Quanqiu, formerly held by the other branch of his family, and Duke Zhuang moved his capital from Qin to Quanqiu.[1]


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Qin Zhong
Died: 822 BC
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Ruler of Qin
844–822 BC
Succeeded by
Duke Zhuang of Qin