Qing Shan King Sacrificial Ceremony

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The Qing Shan King Sacrificial Ceremony is a festival held annually in Wanhua, Taipei, Taiwan. It is held between the 20 and 22 October (Lunar Calendar) and is used to celebrate the birth of the deity Qing Shan King. During this festival, the Bodhisattvas of several other temples (including Qingshui Temple) are invited to celebrate within Wanhua.[1]

The visiting Bodhisattvas tour Wanhua for 2 nights and then hold a birthday celebration for Qing Shan King. The purpose of touring Wanhua is to eliminate the evil spirits that bring locals bad luck and suffering. During this period, all windows and doors must be shut to prevent evil spirits from entering the locals’ households. There are three different tour routes, the first route runs from Huan He Road to Zhong Hua Road, the second starts from Wanhua Station and the last route begins from Ting Han Kou Road in Ximending. The parade usually lasts throughout the night and ends around 3 or 4am.[1]

Between 2-3 million pieces of a traditional biscuit known as "Xian Guang Bing" are given out during each celebration.[1]


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