Qiwam al-Din Muhammad al-Hasani

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Qiwam al-Din Muhammad al-Hasani was a Persian physician of the late 17th century. Hasani was a scholar who is known to have been working in the city of Qazvin in Persia in the year 1694 CE. The National Library of Medicine has in its collections a rare copy of a collection of five Arabic poems concerned with medicine, astronomy, arithmetic, calligraphy, and proper conduct. These five poems were collectively titled al-Khamsah al-Qazwiniyah (The Five Qazwini works). The copy at NLM was copied by a professional scribe for the author, whose stamps are in the volume, next to a statement that he corrected the volume in the year 1719–1720 CE. Thus we learn from this volume that Qiwan al-Din Muhammad al-Hasani was still working by 1719 CE.

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