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Logo of Québec-Radio.
Broadcast area Quebec & worldwide
Slogan Paroles et musique des gens d'ici !
First air date 2004
Format Political talk radio
Affiliations Quebec sovereignty movement
Owner Le Québécois
Website www.lequebecois.org

Québec-Radio is an internet radio station in Quebec, Canada. It is a medium of the Quebec independence movement and is associated with the newspaper Le Québécois.


The main mission of Québec-Radio is to counter the alleged lack of media either in favour of, or unbiased against, the political project of Quebec sovereignty and to showcase the views of the American progressive movement.

In addition to talk radio, the station also broadcasts classic (and forgotten kitsch) Québécois and Francophone music, news bulletins, eclectic entertainment and international information (often about other independence movements).


  • Parlons Politique
  • Les Irréductibles
  • Mesures de guerre,
  • Militant, Militaire
  • Les fils de la liberté
  • Ça parle au Diable!
  • Folklore et traditions
  • Présence engagé

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