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Quad9 is a not-for-profit public-benefit organization supported by IBM, Packet Clearing House (PCH), Global Cyber Alliance (GCA), and many other cybersecurity organizations for the purpose of operating a privacy-and-security-centric public DNS resolver.[1] Its main differentiators from other DNS resolvers are that it does not record the queries users send to it, and that it automatically blocks domains known to be associated with malicious activity.[2][3] Quad9 offers DNS over TLS service over port 853[4][5], DNS over HTTPS over port 443[6] and DNSCrypt service over port 443[7].

IP addresses[edit]

Quad9 is accessible via the anycast IP addresses for IPv4: (hence its name) and, and IPv6: 2620:fe::fe and 2620:fe::9.[8]

Quad9 supports DNS over TLS on port 853 (the standard) using an auth name of dns.quad9.net.

Quad9 supports DNS over HTTPS on port 443 (the standard) using an URL of

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