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Quadro Nuevo is a German acoustic quartet which was founded in 1996 and can be categorized as World Music and Jazz. The band is composed of Robert Wolf (1996–2008), Mulo Francel, D.D. Lowka, Andreas Hinterseher (original Heinz-Ludger Jeromine) and since 2008 Evelyn Huber.

Quadro Nuevo live at "Leverkusener Jazztage" 2015

Within the last decade the band played about 1500 concerts all over the world and is with its numerous awards and Chart Positions among the internationally most successful German Jazz Bands.[citation needed]

Their style is a composition of (cit. Quadro Nuevo) "Tango, Valse Musette, Flamenco, lovely dedusted filmmusic and an almost faded Italy".

In November 2008 a car crashed into the tour bus. The guitarist Robert Wolf was seriously injured and paralyzed from the neck downwards. He died in April 2015 as a result of the accident.


The members of the band consist of:


  • Luna Rossa (1998)
  • Buongiorno Tristezza (1999)
  • CinéPassion (2000)
  • Canzone della Strada (2002)
  • Mocca Flor (2004)
  • Tango Bitter Sweet (2006)
  • Antakya (2008)
  • Grand Voyage (2010)
  • Schöne Kinderlieder (2011)
  • Quadro Nuevo "In Concert" (2011)
  • End of the Rainbow (2013)
  • Bethlehem (2013)
  • Tango (2015)
  • Flying Carpet (2017)
  • Volkslied Reloaded (2019)

as well as a live-recording of a concert during the 35th Jazz-Festival in Burghausen/ Germany ("Jazzwoche Burghausen") on DVD (Quadro Nuevo LIVE)

Awards and Charts Positions[edit]

  • 13 German Jazz Awards
  • 5 European Impala Awards (Silver)
    1. 1 of the German World Music Charts (Album "Mocca Flor")
    2. 1 of the German World Music Charts (Album "Tango Bitter Sweet")
    3. 3 of the German Jazz Charts (Album "Mocca Flor")
    4. 2 of the German Jazz Charts (Album "Tango Bitter Sweet")
  • Entry within the Top 100 of the German Album Charts (Album "Mocca Flor")
  • Entry at position 47 within the Top 100 of the German Album Charts (Album "Tango Bitter Sweet")


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