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Studio album by
ReleasedOctober 28, 2003
GenreExperimental rock
ProducerTim Smolens
Jason Schimmel
Andrew Kapner
Estradasphere chronology
Buck Fever
Passion for Life

'Quadropus' is the third full-length album by Estradasphere. It was released on October 28, 2003.

For Quadropus, Estradasphere made a conscious decision to isolate the genres for each track, instead of including many genres in a single song. For example, "Mekapses Yitonisa" doesn't stray far from its Greek gypsy roots while "Crystal Blue" is purely Beach Boys-esque rock music. For this reason, Quadropus is considered Estradasphere's most accessible album.

The CD is enhanced and contains a video of the song "Body Slam" being performed live and can be accessed by most computers. This video would later be used for the live DVD Passion for Life (at the end of the video it hints that an Estradasphere DVD would be released in February 2004).

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Mekapses Yitonisa" – 4:22
  2. "Dubway" – 3:39
  3. "King Krab Battle" – 8:31
  4. "Speck" – 4:34
  5. "Hardball" – 13:40
  6. "A Car Ride In Idealistic Ethiopia (Part 1)" – 5:47
  7. "Crystal Blue" – 3:40
  8. "Jungle Warfare" – 5:42
  9. "Body Slam" – 3:09
  10. "At Least We'd Have Today" – 9:40

Album credits[edit]

The band[edit]

  • Timb Harris – violin, viola, trumpet, guitar, mandolin, Turkish mandolin, vocals, percussion
  • Jason Schimmel – guitars (electric, acoustic, baritone), banjo, organ, piano, synths, harpsichord, vocals, percussion, beatboxing
  • Tim Smolens – bass (electric, upright), bari guitar, piano, synths, violin/viola/cello, vocals, percussion
  • John Whooley – saxophones, flute, vocals, beatboxing, organ

Additional musicians[edit]

  • String quartet on "At Least We'd Have Today" and "Speck"
    • Violins – Timb and Ben Blechman
    • Viola – Sarah Hart
    • Cello – Aria DiSalvio
  • Horn section on "King Krab Battle"
    • Trumpets – Timb, Val Hall, Richard Karst
    • Trombone – Scott Harris
    • Bass trombone – Luke Kirley
    • Saxes – John Whooley, Joel Ford, Scott Norgren, Paul Tarantino, Wes Anthony
    • Tuba – John Thomas

Album Personnel[edit]

  • Produced by Tim Smolens with help from Jason Schimmel except for:
    • "Speck" – produced by Jason Schimmel
    • "Dubway" – produced by Andrew Kapner
  • Recorded mostly in our living rooms (George's too), plus Bear Creek Stuidios, Pine Forest studios, CC's recording studio and Angelhouse Studios
  • Engineered by Tim Smolens, Jason Schimmel, Chris Parsons and Trey Spruance
  • Mixed by Tim Smolens, Timb Harris and Jason Schimmel
    • "Dubway" mixed by Andrew Kapner
    • "Bodyslam" mixed by Chris Parsons
    • "Jungle Warfare" and "Speck" mixed by Trey Spruance
  • Additional engineering by Chris Parsons
  • Artwork and layout by Mike Bennewitz


Quadropus was created in loving memory of Mary Aquinas McClafferty Whooley and John Patrick Whooley Sr.

Song information[edit]

Mekapses Yitonisa[edit]

  • Composition – Greek traditional
  • Arranged and transcribed by Tim and Timb
  • Drums – Dave Murray
  • Dombeks and percussion – Mike Shannon


  • Composition – Estradasphere
  • Acapellarrangement – John and Jason


  • Absolutely no keyboards, drum machines, guitars or bass were used in the recording of this song.
  • A live music video for the song is included on the DVD of Passion for Life.

King Krab Battle[edit]

  • Composition – Iron Chef Whooley
  • Horn arrangement by John and Tim
  • Drums – Theo Mordey


  • Composition – Schimmel
  • Lyrics by Schimmel, Smolens
  • Lead vocals – Jason
  • String arrangement by Trey Spruance
  • Piano – Jeff Attridge
  • Drums – Theo Mordey


  • Composition – Schimmel, Whooley, Harris
  • Drums – Theo Mordey
  • Percussion – Doug Smolens

A Car Ride in Idealistic Ethiopia (Part 1)[edit]

  • Composition – Smolens
  • Drums – Dave Murray

Crystal Blue[edit]

  • Composition – Whooley
  • Lead vocals – John
  • Organ and piano – Dale Ockerman
  • Drums and tambourine – Mike Shannon

Jungle Warfare[edit]

  • Composition – Schimmel, Smolens
  • Lyrics by Dave Murray
  • Vocals – Dave Murray and Youri Raymond of Unhuman
  • Drums – John Merryman of Cephalic Carnage
  • Guitar solo – Kevin Kmetz


  • Composition – Estradasphere, Dave Murray
  • Lyrics and lead vocals – John
  • Drums – Dave

At Least We'd Have Today[edit]

  • Composition – Smolens
  • Lead vocals – Tim
  • Vocal bridge – Joel Robinow