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Quicbrowse.com, Inc.
FoundedDecember 14, 1998; 21 years ago (1998-12-14)[1]
HeadquartersMiami Beach, Florida, U.S.
Key people
Marc Fest, Founder and CEO

Quickbrowse was a Web-based subscription service that enables users to browse multiple Web pages more quickly by combining them vertically into a single Web page. It was one of the early metabrowsing services.


Quickbrowse received wide media coverage[2][3][4][5] during the height of the Dot-com bubble. It was quickly followed by other metabrowsers such as Octopus.com (backed by Netscape founder Marc Andreessen), Onepage.com (backed by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen), iHarvest.com, Katiesoft.com and Calltheshots.com - all of which have ceased to operate as metabrowsers. Octopus received more than $11.4 million in venture capital funding from Redpoint Ventures.[6] Onepage received $25 million in venture capital funding.[7] Quickbrowse received half a million dollars in angel funding. Quickbrowse backers included its lead investor, Geocities.com founder David Bohnett, the financial writer Andrew Tobias and CBS hurricane expert Bryan Norcross. From 2001-2004, the Miami Herald licensed Quickbrowse and operated myHerald.com, a service that was based on the Quickbrowse approach of customizable Web content. Quickbrowse ceased operation in 2005.

Quickbrowse was created by Marc Fest, a former journalist and self-taught programmer who initially created it as a tool to facilitate his daily journalist research.


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