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Quickly 64X64.png
Developer(s) Canonical Ltd.
Stable release
11.10 / September 26, 2011; 5 years ago (2011-09-26)
Operating system Unix-like
License GNU General Public License v3
Website Quickly on launchpad

Quickly is a framework for creating software programs for a Linux distribution using Python, PyGTK, Glade Interface Designer and Desktop Couch. It then allows for easy publishing using bzr and Launchpad.

Quickly is designed to speed up the start of new projects with the use of templates, not only for programs but for any type of project. These templates are used to automate project configuration and maintenance. Delegating into templates and not into a specific library allows projects created using Quickly not to require dependencies on any particular library or runtime of Quickly itself.

The project was started by Rick Spencer after his frustration as a beginner Ubuntu developer.


Quickly is used through the command line. All commands are of the style "quickly command [parameters]". Some examples are:

  • For getting first start help:
$ quickly getstarted
  • To create an ubuntu application:
$ quickly create ubuntu-application foo
  • For getting help for a project (you must be in the folder of a previously created project):
$ quickly help
  • Others useful commands:
$ quickly edit
$ quickly design
$ quickly run
$ quickly package
  • And commands for sharing the project (they need a Launchpad account and an opened PPA):
$ quickly release
$ quickly share


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