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Quo the album.jpg
Studio album by Quo
Released October 25, 1994
Recorded 1993–1994
Genre Hip hop, gangsta rap
Length 39:23
Label MJJ Music/Epic/SME Records
EK 57689 (North America)
477365 (international)
Producer Morgan Carey, Josh Debear, Jerry Greenberg

Quo is the self-titled and only album released by hip hop group Quo, released on October 25, 1994, through Michael Jackson and Epic Records' MJJ Music. The album itself did not make it to any of the Billboard charts, but two singles did—"Blowin' Up (Don't Stop the Music)" made it to #25 on the Hot Rap Singles and #90 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, while "Quo Funk" made it #2 on the Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop Singles.

"Lost in the Night" was used as background music in the 1995 science fiction film Strange Days, while "Who Gets the Loot" was used for the soundtrack of the 1994 comedy film Monkey Trouble.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Lost in the Night" – 4:03 (Produced by JD Tru)
  2. "Huh, What?" – 3:36 (Produced by Redman)
  3. "Once Again" – 4:00 (Produced by Jason Roberts)
  4. "Sag" – 3:47 (Produced by JD Tru)
  5. "Blowin' Up (Don't Stop the Music)" – 4:31 (Produced by JD Tru and Teddy Riley)
  6. "Jusanuff" – 4:22 (Produced by Jason Roberts)
  7. "What Am I, What Is He" – 4:26 (Produced by JD Tru)
  8. "Quo Funk" – 3:36 (Produced by D.J. Battlecat)
  9. "Who Gets the Loot" – 4:05 (Produced by Michael J. Clouse)
  10. "No Games" – 4:17 (Produced by Morgan Carey)


"Blowin' Up (Don't Stop the Music)"

"Huh What"

  • "Bichasniguz" by Onyx

"Quo Funk"