Rêve Bohème

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Rêve Bohème
GenresJazz, Gypsy Jazz, Django Reinhardt
Years active1998–present
LabelsCope Records
Calibrated Records
Hot Club Records
MembersJens Fuglsang
Robert Pilgaard
Finn Poulsen
Jesper Riis
Past membersKasper Fredholm
Morten Ravn

Rêve Bohème is a Danish gypsy jazz quartet established in 1998 by guitar player and singer Jens Fuglsang and guitar player Robert Pilgaard [1].


Rêve Bohème’s music is inspired by the French gypsy guitar player Django Reinhardt. The quartet played their first concert in 1998 at Bistro d'Eustache in Paris. In 2002-03 they performed at the ”scene ouvert” at the Django Reinhardt Festival in Samois sur Seine, France. They released their first album Django Jalousie in 2002 with Kasper Fredholm (sax) and Morten Ravn (bass). The album was nominated for a Danish World Music Award.

Rêve Bohème have released six albums and recorded with various musicians, such as Karina Kappel (voc), Lisa Haavik (voc), Bjarke Falgren (vio) and Knut Haavik (perc). In 2009 the line-up was changed with Jesper Riis (bass) replacing Morten Ravn and Finn Poulsen (harm) replacing Kasper Fredholm.

Rêve Bohème has played in jazz clubs and at festivals all over Europe, performing with international gypsy jazz artists like Robin Nolan, Andreas Öberg, Jon Larsen, Basily, Paulus Schäfer, Angelo Debarre, Dorado Schmidt, Gary Potter, Biel Ballester as well as Danish musicians like Pierre Dørge, Kristian Jørgensen and Jakob Fischer. Besides playing gypsy jazz, Rêve Bohème worked with electronica musician Bjørn Svin and the Danish fashion brand Baum und Pferdgarten on a music and dance show at Wundergrund Festival in Copenhagen 2007[2].

In 2016 they composed and recorded music for several scenes in the Danish movie Fuglene over Sundet, which is about the Danish Jews' escape to Sweden in October 1943.[3]

Band members[edit]

Present members:

  • Jens Fuglsang (Lead guitar and vocal)
  • Robert Pilgaard (Rhythm guitar)
  • Finn Poulsen (Harmonica and vocal)
  • Jesper Riis (Double bass)

Past members:

  • Kasper Fredholm (Tenor saxophone, 1998-2008)
  • Morten Ravn (Double bass, 1998-2009)


  • 2002: Django Jalousie (Cope Records, COPECD 040)
  • 2005: Django’s Dream (Calibrated records, CALI 011)
  • 2006: Best of Rêve Bohème (Hot Club Records, HCRCD 197)
  • 2009: Café Django (Calibrated Records, CALI 091)
  • 2012: Django Goes North (Calibrated Records, CALI127)[4]
  • 2018: Six & Six (Hot Club Records)


  • 2006: Django Festival 4 (Hot Club Records, HCRCD 119)
  • 2018: Django Festival 11 (Hot Club Records)


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