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Rajinder Kumar Dhawan is a senior leader of the Indian National Congress and he has been a member of Rajya Sabha.

A former personal secretary and confidante to Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, Dhawan was a witness to Indira Gandhi assassination in 1984. As personal assistant to the Prime Minister, he attained unparalleled power and influence particularly during India's Emergency. As the "door keeper" to the Prime Minister, he was well positioned to control information and access and proved himself instrumental in civil service appointments. He studied in Col. Brown Cambridge School, Dehra Dun and B.H.U.

The head of the investigating commission, Justice M. P. Thakkar, described Mr. Dhawan's responses to questioning on the assassination as unreliable and said that the needle of suspicion significantly points to his complicity or involvement.[1] However, Indira's son Rajiv after initially removing Dhawan from his post, cleared him of all charges.

Personal life[edit]

On 16 July 2012, R. K. Dhawan married Achla, ending his bachelorhood of so many decades.[2]



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