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Azimut magazine cover.jpg
Editor Yulia Gavrilenko
Categories science fiction short stories
Frequency Quarterly
Year founded 2006
Final issue 2016
Country Ukraine
Language Russian and Ukrainian

RBG-Azimuth (GDC-Azimuth') was a quarterly Ukrainian blingual (Russophone and Ukrainophone) science fiction magazine, published since 2006 until 2016.[1] Its stories were written in the Russian language by authors living around the world. This included authors from Ukraine,[2] Russia,[3] Belarus, Lithuania,[4] the United States,[5] and others. The magazine name is an abbreviation that means “guidelines for damage control” in Russian “Руководство по Борьбе за Живучесть" (РБЖ).

RBG-Azimuth exclusively published one type of material - short stories. Each issue contained 10-13 stories. It claimed to revive traditions of the classic science fiction of the 1970-1980s (like Isaac Asimov, Clifford Simak, Robert Sheckley, Boris and Arkady Strugatsky). Its aim was to publish stories that help people live a better life. Since 2010 RBG-Azimuth and Hanna Concern Publishing issued books with set of the best sci-fi stories of the year.[6][7]

The magazine was nominated on Eurocon from Ukraine as the Best Magazine in 2010[8] and 2011[9] years. One of the authors is Nika Rakitina,[10][who?] who had received the ESFS encouragement award (Belarus) in Eurocon-2008.[11][12][clarification needed]



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