RB Ranchhodlal Chhotalal Girls High School

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RB Ranchhodlal Chhotalal Girls High School is a girls high School, located in Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India. It is one of the oldest girls school of the country.[1]


The school was started by Gujarat Vernacular Society in 1892.[1][2][3] It was named as RB Ranchhodlal Chhotalal Girls High School, after the chief donor, the textile-mill pioneer of Gujarat, Rao Bahadur Seth Ranchhodlal Chhotalal[1][2] It was not only the first girls school of the town but also of Gujarat.[1][2][4][5] The school was guided by noted women activist Vidyagauri Nilkanth in first half of 20th century.[6]

Present Status[edit]

The school still provides quality education to girls which is located at Khadia, Ahmedabad in old town.[4][2] The school teacher was awarded prestigious Government of India - CCRT Teachers Award in 1988.[7]


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Coordinates: 23°01′25″N 72°35′30″E / 23.0236534°N 72.5917946°E / 23.0236534; 72.5917946