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Roi or ROI may refer to:


  • Adenes Le Roi (c. 1240–c. 1300), French minstrel
  • Roi Cohen Kadosh (born 1976), Israeli-British cognitive neuroscientist
  • Roi Huber (born 1997), Israeli basketball player
  • Roi Kahat (born 1992), Israeli footballer
  • Roi Klein (1975–2006), major in the Israeli Defense Forces
  • Roi Kwabena (1956–2008), Trinidadian cultural anthropologist and writer
  • Roi Méndez (born 1993), Spanish singer
  • Vincent Roi Ottley (1906—1960), African-American journalist and writer
  • Roi Partridge (1888–1984), American printmaker and teacher
  • Rói Patursson (born 1947), Faroese writer and philosopher
  • Roi Wilson (1921–2009), Royal Navy aviator
  • Alice Roi (born 1976), American fashion designer
  • "Le Roi" (French for "the King"), a nickname for French retired basketball player Antoine Rigaudeau (born 1971)
  • Qin Fen (born 1991), Chinese singer, also known as Roi



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